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  • Alcohol and Anxiety

    Alcohol and Anxiety

    Having a drink from time to time can be fun. But feeling like you have to drink to have a good time is no fun at all!

  • Suffering from summer FOMO?

    Suffering from summer FOMO?

    Yay! Summer is finally here but it’s not all sunshine and ice-cream. Summer can be the worst time for suffering from FOMO (fear of missing out).

  • Reaching out to friends

    Reaching out to friends

    Feeling depressed or anxious can be a very difficult time, and for many reasons we can end up drifting from our friends. It can feel scary to reach out so here are some tips that will hopefully help:

  • How to find your confidence

    How to find your confidence

    The pressure to look good, feel good and always be having a good time can make us feel a bit down. Here are some tips to boost that self-esteem and  feel like the best version of you.