Yellow flowersMental fitness

Work on your mental fitness by targeting goal setting, problem solving, identifying your strengths and more.

Check out seven tips to improve your mental fitness.

animation stillHow heavy is this glass?

Colm comes across a story on the internet that sums up how he feels when he talks to someone about a tough time.

Watch this animation of a personal story created by IADT students.

Read Colm’s story.

IMG_5857Who do I talk to?

If there’s something on your mind, talking to someone could be really helpful. Deciding who to open up to can be difficult.

Some things to think of when figuring out who you should talk to.

2013-07-10 08.33.11 (2)Mindfulness

Have you tried mindfulness?

It’s always good to try new ways to relax and deal with stress.

Learn more about Mindfulness.

  • Workout App

    A phone app to help measure and improve your mental fitness.

  • Get involved

    Become a member of our Youth Advisory Network.

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