Yellow flowersInspire a Generation

This year’s winner “Talking about tough times” was made by Jack Reardon.

We talked to Jack about what inspired him. Watch the video.


Exam room It’s that time again

Exam time is here, deep breaths everyone, you can do it.

Check out our tips for managing exam stress.

christmas-gifts-1-1121739-mChristmas stress

It’s a time for giving. But, it can get a bit much. There can be so many loved ones to buy for and such little time.

Take some of the pressure out of Christmas with these tips.

IMG_8366Low risk drinking

It is on. Party season.

Be prepared and check out ways that you can minimise the risks of drinking.

  • Workout App

    A phone app to help measure and improve your mental fitness.

  • Get involved

    Become a member of our Youth Advisory Network.

Latest Blog Posts

  • Have a break…

    Learning to relax may be counter-intuitive to some of us. We’re in the midst of an “always on” culture, but switching off is good for us every now and then.

  • Are you getting SAD?

    The shortest day of the year is fast approaching and although the days get longer then, there’s still a lot of winter left. This means there’s still the possibility of ending up with SAD.


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