Youth Mental Health Film Cometition 2014 Inspire a generationInspire a Generation

It’s back! Our national film competition to promote positive attitudes about mental health.

Check out the finer details and awesome prizes.

Watch “Odd one out“, last year’s winner.

Yellow flowers9 ways to look after your mental health

Just like your physical health it’s important to make time to look after your mental health.

Check out 9 tips for looking after your mental health.


Being out of work can be tough on your self-esteem. There are things you can do to stay connected and motivated. 

Don’t let unemployment get you down.

three people sitting on a sofa chatting about WorkOutWorkOut App

Try to improve your mental fitness with WorkOut App.

WorkOut has easy tests and missions to help you learn to take control of how you feel.

Try WorkOut now.

  • Workout App

    A phone app to help measure and improve your mental fitness.

  • Get involved

    Become a member of our Youth Advisory Network.

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