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WorkOut app

WorkOut is a mental fitness phone app. It helps you work on problem-solving, goal setting, making time for things you enjoy, identifying your strengths and lots more.

It’s based on the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy.

workout-logo-2Cognitive behavioural therapy is a practical action-oriented approach to moving past negative thinking which can impact our mood and outlook.

Under construction

At the moment WorkOut needs some updates, and is under construction. Check back here for updates as to when the new and improved WorkOut is available.

Who is behind it

Built by the ReachOut Ireland, this mobile app was first developed as an online application by Inspire Australia and the Brain and Mind Research Institute.

The research supporting the original online application was funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC) as part of an ARC Linkage Project between the University of Sydney and Inspire Australia. Ireland are grateful to our Australian colleagues who developed the WorkOut concept and to the Health Service Executive, National Office for Suicide Prevention, Ireland who funded this mobile application.

Download WorkOut from:

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