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The health promotion class at WIT made this very cute film for us. It’s the story of Kate who went through a tough time when she was unable to get work after finishing college and of how she got through.  

Unemployment transcript:

In college I had a great social life. I was involved in sport and helped out with voluntary work. I studied hard and it paid off – I got my honours degree.

After graduating I couldn’t get a job. At first I didn’t really mind I just enjoyed the break to be honest. 

Months have gone by and I still have no job and I’m falling into a bad place. I’m getting out of bed really late and I just don’t feel myself.

Scene in the kitchen:

“Kate, what’s gotten into you the last couple of months? I know it’s hard not working, but..”

“What are you on about mother, you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about”

“But, But…”

“But nothing mam.”

In the bathroom:

“Look Kate, it’s not the end of the world, something will come up, there’s so many people in the same situation. It’s going to be OK”

In the bedroom:

“Kate, get out of bed. You have to go to the social welfare office to sign on.”

“OK mam”

At the social welfare office:

“Well Kate, it looks like we’re in the same boat girl. No work. No sign of work.”

“I know boy, it’s a flippin’ nightmare. It’s getting me down. I’m in a bad place at the moment. I just never expected this.”

“Look Kate, you have to keep yourself busy. Be positive. Are you doing any sport or volunteering like you did in college?”


“Well look, I do volunteering in the local youth club. It keeps me busy and I have the athletics in the evening. Why don’t you come along?”

“God Dave, I might just do that. I need something to keep me busy. I’m getting so fed up at home doing nothing. I’m not myself at all these days.”

Even though I’m still not working, I feel I’m in a much better place now. I have my training and my voluntary work and I love that. I’m stating to feel more like myself. I know how important it is to keep busy, and also to talk to my friends and family if I need to.

What can I do now?

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