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Jason Byrne

Jason Byrne

Jason Byrne talks about what mental health is, the benefits of organisation and a good sleep.

Jason Byrne transcript:

Mental health to me, especially in my job, as a stand-up is a highly stressful job. It’s probably the priority in my life. If my mental health isn’t good, my gigs will suffer. I’m not expert on it but in my own type of life, it comes down to simple things. Like my diet, like sleep, getting the right amounts of sleep. Not sleeping all day, just little bits of sleep. And just not taking on too much at one time.

Map it all out, and then work out what’s more important

You’ve got to time manage your life. Even before I came here, you’re on my list “Go talk there, do the Reach Out thing.” Then my next thing is, “Go and fix the xbox.” And then the next thing is ring this person, probably three years ago I would have that all in my head, all muddled. But if you just map it all out, and work out what’s more important. Most of the time, I have a list of ten, two things might be important, and the other eight are just panicky.

Self congratulating, it’s something we don’t like doing

It’s probably another Irish thing about self congratulating, it’s something that we don’t like doing. Because, once you do that in this society, people go “Oh are you all right? Well, well done you.” Because people don’t like you bragging, but you should do it to yourself at least.

So I was in Edinburgh this year, and they said that I had sold over twenty eight thousand tickets in a month, and I was the first solo act to ever do that in Edinburgh, in the whole time since it started in the fourties. And my first reaction was “Oh yeah, that’s cool….that’s cool.” And then I went home and I sat down and went “No, actually that is really cool. That’s really good.” So, I went well done me on that one. And yeah, you should write down well done you. Put a well done you list on you bedroom wall.

Just talk

I think the best advice for stress and when you’re going through a hard time is if you can find someone to talk to; a good mate, a parent, a brother. One of the best things to do is if you want to go and see someone and just talk to them. It’s amazing because a lot of people think that there’s something wrong with you when you have to do that.

Talking to a professional

In America, everyone has a dentist and a psychiatrist and a mechanic. Because they go, and then they just spill it out and then they come out. It’s like getting chronic irrigation when you go and see those guys, it literally is all the crap gets flowed out of you and on to their room. And then you come out going “Oh my god, I was holding all that in?!” It’s like, that’s toxic! And then you can go for atomic irrigation as well, and then you’ll be amazing, because then  you’ll have nothing left inside you.

Dogs are great listeners

So the best thing is, find somewhere you can go and talk to. A lot of people don’t like talking to their dads or their mum or their sister or their psychiatrist. But you will find somebody you can talk to. Even if it’s a dog, dogs are great for talking to, because dogs are great at listening. They can’t ask you questions, but they’ll listen to you. Just talk and thrash it out.

What can I do now?

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