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What is depression?

What is depression?

This animation explains the signs and symptoms of depression and what you can do to help yourself or a friend who is going through a tough time.

What is depression? by Darren O’Connor was second runner up in’s Inspire a Generation film competition 2012.

What is depression? transcript:

Depression is a condition most commonly described as a feeling of emptiness and hopelessness like an astronaut lost in space. Depression affects one in four Irish people at some point in their lives. Depression doesn’t discriminate on age, or even gender. It is a condition that can strike anyone, at any time in their lives.

Signs and symptoms

Depression presents itself in the form of a wide range of symptoms. It is a condition that can rain on people’s sense of hope, and can make one’s future appear bleak. An increase of alcohol and drug consumption can be a clear indicator of the condition. While a change in sleeping patterns can also be another symptom. Depression is a condition that can massively effect one’s thought process, including frequent thoughts about death and suicide. It can also affect how we interact with family, friends and colleagues. Low self-esteem is a common factor withe the sufferers of the condition. While also a loss of interest in hobbies, family and social life can be a clear indication of the illness.

Talking is a sign of strength

You don’t have to live with depression, it is a treatable illness. Speak to your local GP or health professional. Getting outdoors and exercise can dramatically improve your mood and well being. While eating a balanced diet can have a similar effect. Don’t bottle up your problems, talking is a sign of strength. For further information, please visit

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