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Stand Up!

Stand Up!

BeLonG To‘s campaign video: Stand Up! Don’t stand for homophobic bullying.


Stand Up! Transcription

Boy 1: Alright, what’s up? Good day?


Boy 2: I should have gone to that concert last night. Would have been the best night of the year.

Boy 1: Why didn’t you go?

Boy 2: I bought, like, 50 albums the week before the tickets came out.

Boy 1: Oh, okay. So, we’re alone now.

Boy 2: Come on, there’s people around.

Boy 1: There’s nobody around. Come on, trust me.

Bully: Is this your bird, is it?

Boy 1: It’s none of your business who it is, right?

Bully: Ah, give us a kiss.


Bully: Look who it is. Nobody holding your hand today, is there?

Boy 3: I’ll hold your hand.

What can I do now?

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