Helping you get through tough times evaluation

We continually evaluate to check how effectively it is working and to identify how we can make it even better. 

We want to help as many young people as possible, to do this we evaluate the service in the following ways:

User survey

Between 2011 and 2015, we conducted an annual online survey to find out more about visitors to We asked about age, gender, why they were visiting, help-seeking knowledge, preferences and behaviours as well as attitudes to mental health.

These surveys provided rich and insightful visitor data and helped us to create new content based on visitor preferences and needs.

Commentary analysis

A commenting function was available on from 2013 to early 2016. While this facility was open, we analysed the commentary submitted in an ongoing manner to to understand the types of conversation and topics our visitors were interested in.

We have conducted a thematic analyses of comments and, with the support of UCC School of Applied Psychology, we are embarking on a discourse/narrative analysis of comments.

This facility will be open on again soon.

The number of site visitors, the time spent on the site, the pages viewed, how visitors found their way to the site and much more are tracked on an ongoing basis through the use of Google Analytics.

So far, five reports have been published presenting findings from the evaluations of

What can I do now?

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