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Have you ever wanted to help someone else get through a tough time or share what you’ve learned about coping when life has got you down? Share your story with us.

Good mental health is all about feeling good in our minds, our feelings, our emotions and the tools we have to deal with life’s ups and downs. The focus of your story should be about HOW people can get through the tough times we all face in life.

Some ideas for things your piece might hit on:

  • Relationships
  • Loss
  • Life transitions: new jobs, new schools
  • Venturing into adulthood
  • Confusion and worries
  • Making it in life

Ultimately, you decide…This is your chance to inspire the world and tell your story.

Chose a username that will not reveal your identity and we can publish the story on to share with others.

Remember, these stories are going to help inspire others to get through their tough times, so “positivity” is the name of the game here – make sure your submission brings home the good vibes.

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What your story must have

Not to cramp your creativity, but here are a few guidelines to follow. Make sure your written story:

  • Contains a positive message focusing on how you or a friend got through a tough time. (Acknowledging difficulty and pain is really important, but we want to see constructive solutions to the tough times. So, don’t dwell too much on the hardship…).
  • Is about people aged 12-25 years-old. The person submitting the story should be 12-25 years-old.
  • Is no more than 800 words.
  • Avoids details that might be ‘triggering’ for others (provide ideas for self harm and the suggestion that self harm is acceptable), i.e. – depictions or descriptions that romanticize suicide, self harm, weight loss, eating disorders, etc… We’re not saying these aren’t valid issues – far from it. We’re saying if these topics are in your story, then you need to dwell on the positive side as in how you got through it.

Figuring out if your treatment of the subject matter is positive can be a tough call. If you are concerned about your story ask us during the development phase. If you have questions please contact

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