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heart with bandageCarmel tells the story of how she realised a relationship wasn’t working and shares a little wisdom about getting through a break-up.

Relationships can hurt people on many levels, depending on your situation. For me, it hit hard after my boyfriend and I split up after six months.

However, it wasn’t so much the breaking up part that affected me but the realization that I had been in an verbally abusive relationship.

It all came to ahead when a close friend of mine noticed that I hadn’t been my usual self and that the guy I had been dating seemed very demanding to her. She came to me on the subject and it was only on telling her what was going on that I myself realized how wrong things were and that this relationship had to end sooner rather than later.

Although this time was extremely rough for me, I got through it. And its on that note I am going to give you advice on how YOU can get through it too (in case you may not have access to my friend’s words of wisdom!).

Invest in a friend

You can eat your way through Ben & Jerry’s but NOTHING will get you through your breakup like a friend. They know you best and know how to motivate you in getting over this.

Give yourself some love

Create a YOU poster. Write down all the things that make you great and why YOU are such a beautiful person.(Make it as colorful as you like). Stick it to where you’ll see it most. Also, add all the future things about you (i.e. degree, job etc). This will help you see that you ARE truly a unique person and other people’s words etc shouldn’t overshadow it.

Keep a diary

Firstly, scribble out how you are feeling at this moment in time i.e about the entire relationship etc (rant on!) The next day (on a new leaf of paper), write down all the good things about your day and how life day by day is positively getting better for you.

While I may have gone through a rough time, I overcame it. The secret to this and overcoming anything is not to dwell on the hardship. Yes, talk, scribble or whatever it all out but then decide it’s my time to move on and that I am now better off. In addition to this, see it as a learning experience and that you won’t let the problems you had in your particular relationship be an issue in the next.

What can I do now?

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