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Finishing Transition Year

Transition Year was a long and interesting year but I am glad to be finished.

Close-up of an empty lecture hall courtesy of I have had good experiences in Transition year (TY), I’ve found the activities I took part in outside of school are the ones I remember the most.

Working for Reach Out or Hard Target Self defense gave me opportunities to help people in ways I didn’t know I could.

Now that school’s out for summer, I don’t have to waste time doing things I do not care about and can work on things that are important to me.

School’s out for summer

Summer break used to mean a chance to get away from the monotony of study and work. This year it means I have a chance to go out and have a proper job and sharpen skills I learned over the year.

With so much going on in TY, it was hard to follow what I really enjoyed.

I loved learning about computers and music on extracurricular courses but would have to stop to do a Geography or Irish project with no relevance to my life.

Now that school’s out of the way for the next few months I can focus purely on my hobbies and even have time for a job to fund my interests.

Positives of Transition Year 

There was a lot of good in Transition year, even though I prefer to do stuff I choose to outside of school.

I was able to experience things that I would have never tried otherwise, such as robotics or singing. I found a love for these subjects and they are something I will spend time on constructively.

With free time comes spaces to fill. I used my free time as a way of expanding my horizons and finding places to work and learn, so now I can continue that habit.

The trips to Galway and Trinity college were something to remember.

Taking part in Bridge 21 and the National Robotics Competition are things I’d recommend to anyone with an interest in IT.

Time to reflect

Even if you know where you’re going in life, self reflection is a useful thing.

You get chances to try things you would have never thought possible for yourself, and have time to pursue hobbies to a whole new level.

If you’re interested in making new friends, TY is a good place to start.

The more relaxed atmosphere allows a new sense of companionship between classmates that you may not have had previously.

What can I do now?

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