Helping you get through tough times

Speaking out is helping me move on

I’m 21 and live in Dublin.

Graffiti of an image of a girl with short hair.From when I was a young child I had a hard upbringing. I lived with my mam, twin brother and younger sister. My dad had left us as he wasn’t mentally well.

Why me?

I had always been the black sheep, being grounded and hit etc. I hated my mam for it. I always thought, why me?

A few years ago we got back in touch with my dad, and I grew close to him. But, then he was diagnosed with throat cancer and died. It was tough for me as the love I had for him was unbearable.

Harder to get on

My mam took it badly and got very depressed. We’d never gotten on, but as I got older I could fight back and wasn’t afraid of her. Though I often felt down and blamed her for the hard life she’d put me through.

Then, not even a year ago now, she found out she had lung cancer. After that everything changed.

Finally had a mother

We got so close, always said I love you and were finally having a mother and daughter relationship. Less than a month later she passed away.

Grieving again

My life changed. Dealing with loss and grief again wasn’t easy. I hated myself. My confidence dropped and I reached rock bottom.

I haven’t talked to anyone professionally yet. I’m taking it one step at a time. But, knowing that depression can be dealt with and I’m not alone has made things easier for me.

We can all feel better

I believe in time I will be back to my old self. I’ve been through a lot in my life so it’s hard not to reflect on the last 21 years. But, the rest of my life starts now.

I’m going to get the help I need, because I am worth it. We’re all worth it, and despite what it seems, for most of us our family and friends do love us. I know that now.

Speak out for yourself

I hope everyone else realises this too. You’re certainly not alone. We’re put on this earth for a reason. Life’s a ticket to watch this world.

Start speaking out, it can help a lot. It’s working for me, even if it’s just to my friends and family so far.

Getting things off your chest is a great relief and you start to feel a little bit happier about yourself.

We can all get through our tough times.

What can I do now?

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