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Journey to recovery

This inspiring story was submitted by a young woman through the site. It’s a truly inspiring story of working through a series of tough times and the support she received.

When I experienced my first battle with depression, I was eleven years old. I could never accept that I had it at first. I would make up many excuses; I’m too young, it’s just a low mood etc. It all makes sense now, I had struggled with panic disorder since I was eight and it eventually formed into a depression.

footprints. photo: Nicole PaulieGetting worse

My childhood consisted of deep secrets, I would keep them all to myself, an unhealthy habit that would torture me during the next few years. The depression got worse and by the time I was thirteen I was self-harming almost everyday.

That was when I decided I couldn’t handle it on my own anymore and went to see the school counsellor. I started off by telling her small bits of information, which helped me to really build my trust in her.

Taking things slowly

It took two years to tell her all the secrets I’d been keeping for so many years. I learned that it is ok to take things slowly, and I finally had someone in my life to talk to. It definitely made things a lot easier!

I still had to go through the storm to see the rainbow and it was extremely hard. I felt like giving up every single day but I somehow I just kept going.


I had to keep reminding myself that this wouldn’t last forever as much as I didn’t believe it. I was just so lucky I had so much support from family, friends and professionals.

When I was fourteen I was admitted to a adolescent mental health unit due to being severely suicidal and not coping in society. I learned a lot there, mostly that I was not alone and that there were lots of other kids out there like me.

New outlook

I was discharged after two months and found that I had really changed as a person after being there. I had a whole new outlook on life.

I’d met kids who had nowhere else to go and no one to love them. By the time they were discharged they were loved, by all of us in the hospital.

Everyone is loved, just look very closely and you will see how precious you’re life is to others. I am still on the road to recovery with my depression but I can now look back and see how far I’ve come.

Dealing with the past

I have found ways of dealing with my past demons and can even talk about them now, such as the sexual abuse at age seven or having an alcoholic father throughout most of my childhood.

I am now sixteen, about to be seventeen very soon and even though I have been to hell and back in the last ten years I wouldn’t change one bit of it. It has made me so much stronger and capable of doing almost anything.

Support towards recovery

I could not have done it without the support of someone who knew my story though, it was so important in my recovery. If you are experiencing any worrying thoughts or symptoms I could not stress to you more than to tell someone. Who knows, they might just save your life one day.

What can I do now?

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