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Talking and getting help with bullies

Feet with cat print socks onIt all started when I made a silly mistake and sent a picture to a boy. It got all around the school and then it seemed like everybody started hating me.


I got called repulsive, mean and disgusting things, like prostitute, ugly, fat, slut, etc. I was bullied everyday and it really affected me badly.

 I felt very suicidal and have cut before. I lost all of my confidence and thought I was so ugly and fat. I was scared to face school because of rumours and what people thought of me – it was so hard! It really felt like nobody understood me, and I was constantly depressed.

Losing confidence

Before all this, I used to sing in shows and in front of my family. Now I don’t even sing at home. I have lost weight because of it and felt like I wasn’t wanted. Even today someone threatened to come and beat me up. It’s all made me lose so much self-esteem.

But now I have told somebody and yes things are still tough, but they got better in time. I am still depressed but now I’ve spoken there are so many changes. I’ve been put into new classes and I’m seeing a counsellor.

Seeking help

I promise, if you have a problem, telling people is the only option. It’s not attention seeking or anything like that. People really want to help you!

If you don’t tell anyone it could just get worse. People will think it’s OK to bully and it will make you weaker. I didn’t speak with anyone for a while, but it all just got worse and worse and now I feel like I have hope.

People care

I am still insecure but I am a bit happier knowing someone cares. Please tell somebody what’s and it can be okay in the end. Yes it will take time and for me probably years, but it will eventually be fine.

For more information have a look at our factsheets on bullying.

What can I do now?

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