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Bullied for half my life and finding a way to cope

Guitar handleI’ve been bullied for half of my life. It’s been everything from cyberbulllying, to physical and verbal abuse.

Bullied by my so-called friends

When I was younger I was called a man for playing football by girls who liked to pick on me. Then I started hanging out with the wrong people. I thought they were my friends, but after a while they started picking on me.

Verbal and physical

They’d call me awful names and punch me for no reason. They even set me up for a fight in school without me knowing. The whole school knew it was happening. I got punched and had my head banged off a table.

Every night I used to go home and cry. I even tried killing myself but fortunately my family stopped me. Suicide is never the answer no matter how bad a time you’re going through.

It does get better

Things do get better. From my experiences I know all too well how bad things can be, but they will improve.

Find what works for you

I’ve started writing poetry and composing songs as it’s a way for me to express myself and release what’s inside.

Talking wasn’t for me, but writing songs was. It’s OK not to be OK, but it’s important to mind your mental health and find ways to deal with what goes on.

Your dreams

A line from one of my songs is “Reach high, aim for the best. Nobody’s perfect so screw the rest. What you dream you will achieve, all you do is have belief”.

These words are important, focus on what you have and your self-esteem and forget about people who try to drag you down.

Ups and downs

I’m OK now. I still have a few bad moments, but who hasn’t? I’ve learned to cope with them and enjoy the good times instead. Life’s taught me that there’s always a good side to a bad story.

What can I do now?

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