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Talking about my anxiety

As mental health problems are difficult to see and identify, they can seem harder to deal with.

Two chairs facing one another as if in conversationIt’s common for some people get more down than others. While some can feel OK most of the time, others may struggle on a daily basis.

For me, life involves struggling with anxiety pretty much seven days a week. Some days depression can link in, if I’ve been drinking.

Affecting my life

From time-to-time anxiety has affected my personality, preventing things happening that should be completely positive.

After filtering through my mind though, good things can have NEGATIVE written all over them.

It’s only started to majorly interfere with my life over the last year or so. I have my good days, but bad days often seem worse than they actually are.

Talking and listening

The solution I’ve found works for me is to talk.

I was constantly having negative inner-talk with myself about what was going to happen when an event was drawing near. Then, I started to listen to other people’s stories and the way they had their own problems.

Not the only one

It  made me realise I’m not on my own and these feelings can happen to anyone.

Still not easy

Things still happen that are really challenging though. Recently I took a huge blow by pulling out of a trip away for a few months. I looked at pulling out of the trip as being a failure, even though I knew it wasn’t right to move away from home while I was struggling with such emotional difficulties.

However, pulling out felt like the end of the world. After talking though, I started to come to terms with it. I’ll get through this and it’ll be OK. I know it will and it was the right choice.

Find someone to talk to

My advice to anyone with any kind of anxiety is to talk to someone and express what you feel. Find someone you trust, or even speak with a counsellor or professional online or by phone. It’s OK not to feel OK and you won’t be judged.

Try it. Just talk.

What can I do now?

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