Helping you get through tough times


Since I was a kid, I’ve had trouble with anxiety and panic attacks.

For a long time I denied that I had a problem, but in secondary school, when I reached a point that I couldn’t enjoy visiting my friends anymore, I finally decided to go to therapy.
horses and dandelions

Back to normal

I was ashamed at first, but after a lot of training, I was able to return to a more or less normal life. Nowadays I use thinking, breathing and lifestyle techniques that I learned to keep anxiety from striking.

Looking after myself

I rest and eat well so I can retain good focus, and if I feel anxious I breathe deeply and think about the positive outcomes of the situation I’m in, rather than the negative.

Also, since I have been horseback riding since I was very young, I find that visiting my horse gives my life a sense of groundedness and normalcy and prevents me from getting anxious.

If you want to escape anxiety, think positive, relax, and find something distracting and comforting that you can always escape to.