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Having fun without drink

As a general thing I don’t drink very much at all…I have a glass of champagne when it seems rude not to (weddings and other celebrations). I love board games and movies and stuff and I have so much fun it’s not funny. Me and my friends organise dinners, Christmas in Julys, pamper evenings (for the girls of course), board game nights, LAN parties (Age of Empires is the bomb!) etc…and I absolutely love it and always have done.

I think people look at board games and things like that as kids stuff…but with the right people you can have a great night with oversized cups full of sugar water (also known as cordial or soft drink) lollies, chips or even sometimes we have healthy food to keep the variety going.

Birthday parties

Friends of mine had their birthday this month, so we organised party food like sausage rolls and pies etc, we played the flour game and pass the parcel and each layer contained a “would you rather” question (for example: would you rather be attached to the behind of an elephant or on a rock in the middle of crocodile infested waters), which you had to answer out loud…they had an awesome 26th birthday party 🙂  Their second birthday party that week was a Lord the Rings weekend where we all dressed up and watched the extended versions of the three movies.

Dressing up

Some friends moved house the other day, so we all helped out and then we finished the exit clean in their house last night (late late last night)…and that doesn’t sound like fun but we’re laughing and making jokes, playing pranks all night – we had a lot of fun.  We also had a themed Christmas party last year…”Dress as anything that starts with C” we had cavemen, catwalk models, clowns, cows and celebrities and we had some great food…not to mention Secret Santa one of the greatest present giving games ever invented!

Some of the best times I’ve had involve me doing silly things or watching my friends do stupid things without the influence of alcohol. What’s the point of having this great night out which you have hardly any memory of? Without all the alcohol you can make jokes and do silly things that you remember the next day and can laugh about in the future.

Story by Karis, 19 years old, from Queensland

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