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Bottling things up

green bottle with ladybirdThere are the types of people that when they’re upset or going through a really hard time will turn to their loved ones and the people who are closest to them.

But then there are also people who will bottle things up, put on a happy, smiley face and pretend like life is great and nothing is wrong and your getting by really well.

I am one of those people, but I have learnt that it’s not the best way to deal with things…

Mounting up

I have been through many different obstacles in my life. I was stubborn and thought I could get through things on my own. I didn’t think I needed help because to me there was nothing wrong, it wasn’t a big deal.

Until it all started mounting up, like really mounting up! And yeah, everyone knows that when you shake a soft drink bottle with the lid on it’s only a matter of time until it all explodes and comes rushing out. That resulted in an eating disorder, it was the only thing that I could control in my life.

Falling to pieces

Everything around me was falling to pieces and in my mind I justified it. For months I believed that I was normal and that nothing was wrong with me.

But, my boyfriend continued being persistent and made me see that I have a problem and it needed to be dealt with.

I had to tell my parents and that’s when the endless doctors, dieticians and psychologists appointments started.


I had to learn to let my walls down that I had built over the years because of the different things that had happened and I had to let people in and receive help and also accept that I couldn’t do everything on my own.


I am not fully recovered from my eating disorder and I haven’t healed from the pain in my life but I have come a long way and that wouldn’t have happened without the support of other people.

Let them in

So if you get anything out of reading this, take note of this – DO NOT bottle things up. There are people in your life that love and care about you even more than you think or choose to believe. And they want to help you if you only let them into your lives.

Opening up

If you’re sitting there thinking well there isn’t really anyone in my life who I can turn to, then find, school counsellors are always available or logging onto Reach Out! And reading up on a factsheet that is relevant to your situation.

Yeah, you have to take a step of faith to open up to someone and tell them how you’re really feeling but its only going to benefit yourself.

Changing your thinking

Changing the way you think is also important, and for me this wasn’t easy! But once you accept the fact that you have a problem and that you need help you realise that your thought patterns aren’t normal, so therefore changing them doesn’t look as challenging.

You have to want to get better and overcome whatever is bogging you down. Believe that it will happen, because only you have the power to change your own life.

Yes life is hard but it’s never the end of the world, you can always bounce back!

What can I do now?

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