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How to calm busy thoughts

There are times when I can get particularly overwhelmed and everything seems like more of an effort. 

colouring book I have really struggled with not being able to slow down my thinking.

Sometimes this spirals into repetitive negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Trying to ‘think your way’ out of the confusion and problems is exhausting, I often end up overwhelmed and wanting to shut off and hide.

Being active

What has helped me build confidence and reduce the chatter in my head is being active in a group setting.

I started off going to Zumba classes in my local community hall. The instructor was energetic and joyful, I soon began leaving these classes with a lighter load in my head and feeling energised and more in control.

Over the years, I have done small group personal training classes, hip hop classes, circuit gym classes, Pilates classes, yoga, kettlebells and trx.

Shared energy

In my experience, the instructors and other class members share their energy and lift you. There is something about socialising in this environment and  exercising together in a non-judgemental setting that’s very rehabilitative for your self confidence and stress levels.

I love to be around the people in an exercise class, I love overcoming that internal struggle to give up when you’re in the middle of an exercise.

Creating a calmness

I’m much calmer and more confident after a trip to the gym. It resets my mind and calms my body enough to allow me to think a bit slower and be more open minded.

There are some wonderful and compassionate trainers involved in the health and fitness sector. Many have been good friends to me.

Working on mental fitness

Mental fitness is in my opinion impossible without some form of mindful activity or movement.

Through going to the gym and pushing through some discomfort, I have learned to trust myself more and believe in my ability to cope with the ups and downs of life.

So I get active to get out of my head and stop ruminating.

What can I do now?

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