Helping you get through tough times

How the ‘Focus’ programme helped me

At 17 I was diagnosed with depression. It wasn’t until 22 that I learned about a community based programme for people with mental illnesses was in my very own village. Pinwheel

I want to tell people about it because you never know there might be one near you too. It’s a year long programme with the National Learning Network called Focus. I’ve been attending one in a small town in Cork since September 2017.

Getting out of the house

Focus helped me more than I could’ve imagined, I’m now out of the house at least 5 days a week, I’ve made friendships, It’s given me an opportunity to learn more about myself, I took up knitting and art through night classes, and I’ve started an internship. I don’t want to try and sell anyone on it, but if you happen to be looking for some more localised support or a reason to get up in the morning I’d recommend looking them up.

Getting back into a routine

There’s lots of benefits like QQI courses they can offer you, funding and supports they can give, and education and employment advice they have, but what I found of most value was the routine it got me back in to, and the socialisation I got from being around people like me, okay I may not be besties with anyone but its a stepping stone to feeling less isolated and alone. Yeah, I don’t have anything else to say, just check it out maybe:



What can I do now?

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