Leaving Cert results night and alcohol

So it will be a big night tomorrow night, no matter what results your son or daughter gets.

drinks2For the most part, plans have already been made to head to a nightclub or party to celebrate or commiserate the results.

Setting boundaries around alcohol

Even if your son or daughter is over 18 years-old, talk to them before they head out and set some boundaries around alcohol.

Make sure they know if they’re drinking to stick to one drink not to mix them and at all costs, avoid shots.

“Prinking”= pre-drinking

This is a big habit among young people in Ireland, drinking in someone’s house, or a field, barn wherever to consume cheaper drinks before going to a nightclub. Most people then have no idea how much they have consumed and can be way over the limit before they head anywhere and can be a recipe for uncontrollable drunkeness.

A good meal

Make sure they eat a substantial meal before going out so they are not drinking on an empty stomach.

Hydrate: with water!

Tell your son or daughter that it’s advisable to alternate alcoholic drinks with water, or make sure to drink water throughout the night.

Sticking together

It can be a highly emotional night and it can also get messy. Encourage them to stick with their friends and look out for each other.

Back-up plan

The combination of emotions, alcohol, all friends being out together can be quite overwhelming for some and no matter what goes on, someone will need looking after at some stage. If you can, let your son or daughter know that they can call you, WHATEVER happens.

In the unlikely situation that someone does get very sick or overwhelmed by the events, make sure they know they can call a trusted adult who can help so they don’t have to deal with it themselves.

Here’s hoping to results their happy with and great night!

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