What can you do about homophobic bullying

Unfortunately, homophobic bullying is more common than it should be.

Your child might be out and proud, or not out, or entirely straight, and none of these things will make them immune from homophobic bullying.

Pride paradeSo what can parents do about homophobic bullying?

1. Create a safe space

First and foremost, make sure the home is a safe space: free from homophobic language, such as “that’s so gay”, or derogatory terms aimed at gay people, lesbians, andor transgender people.

You may need to have a chat with other members of the family to make sure they are aware that this type of language is unacceptable.

2. Inform yourself

To address any misconceptions people might be aiming at your child, you should know the real facts about the LGBT Community. There are many places to do this, visit shoutout.ie for a list of terminology. It’s also important to confront any misconceptions you might have had without realising it.

3. Talk to your child

Speak to your child and let them know you are available to discuss this. They might assume you don’t want to hear about homophobic bullying because, it may mean addressing issues about orientation and sexual activity. Make sure they know this is a topic you’re open to speaking about, while respecting their privacy.

4. Speak to the school/parents

Speak to the school, if it’s happening in school or with the other parents if it’s outside school. Let them know this is happening and you’re concerned.

Schools have to address homophobic and transphobic bullying, but might not be aware it’s happening. You could also encourage the school to host a ShoutOut workshop, which tackles homophobic and transphobic bullying.

5. Know your resources

There are many fantastic services for families and LGBTQ+ people which may be able to help. Take a look at BeLong To, Loving Our Out Kids, TENI.

This is a guest post from Bella Fitzpatrick, Shoutout.ie. The image was taken from their site.

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