College of Psychiatrists of Ireland and ReachOut Ireland Twitter Q&A

ReachOut Ireland will host a live Q&A on Twitter on Tuesday, 25 October with the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland.

College of Psychiatry of IrelandConsultant psychiatrists Dr Gerry McCarney, Child and Adolescent and Addiction Psychiatry and Dr Helen Keeley, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (also ReachOut Ireland’s head of clinical guidance) will be over on the @ReachOutIRL Twitter account between 7 and 9 pm.

They will be taking questions from you that you may have about your son or daughter, youth mental health in general, recovery, addiction, psychiatry and what it entails.

To take part, tweet your questions, including the hashtag #AskPsych.

Creating mental health awareness

Each year on 10 October is now World Mental Health Day. Awareness has greatly increased about mental health and what was a day of events, became a week and is now really a month of awareness raising events.

Online and offline support working together

Our research, Reaching Out in College, demonstrated that third level students go online if something is bothering them as a first step.

We also know for parents of those under the age of 18 years-old, and over, there is a lot of confusion about the world of psychiatry and different mental health services around Ireland. The aim of this Twitter Q&A is to demystify these areas. This session is not in anyway meant to be about providing diagnoses online.

At ReachOut Ireland, we encourage, safe and helpful conversations online about mental health and because of that we understand the need for anonymity at times. If you would rather put a question in private, please email and Helen and Gerry will respond over Twitter on the evening without identifying you.

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