Tips for parents of Leaving Cert and Junior Cert students

The state exams start on Tuesday and if you having a son or daughter doing them, there’s probably a good bit of tension in the house.

Here are some tips for you all to get through the next few weeks, while supporting your son or daughter.

Note books and pens scattered over a deskEase off on the pressure

Exam time is very stressful time for young people, and there are cases of doing too much study.

Even if you feel they haven’t been doing the work throughout the year and are annoyed about that try to support your son or daughter rather than ‘policing’ them.

At this time the best thing you can do is tell them you have full confidence in them and their abilities.

It’s not you it’s them!

Remain calm. You can’t do the exams for them and also be mindful of projecting your own experiences on to your son or daughter.


Ensure they take regular breaks, eat healthy snacks and exercise. Have healthy snacks around the house.

Allow them to revise at night if that’s what works best for them, but make sure they get proper regular sleep.

Look after yourself and relax

This is good advice for all the family at this time, doing exams or not. help them revise by giving them the space and time to do so, so maybe get the rest of the family to do fun stuff at the weekends.

Check in

Watch how they’re coping and managing their stress. If you notice they seem overly anxious ask how you can help .

Keep perspective exams are not the be-all and end-all and manage your own expectations.

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