The upside of anger?

If you’re the parent of a teenager you’re likely to be no stranger to bad moods or arguments in the household.

Close up of tree barkAdolescence

During this developmental stage a young person’s hormones and emotions can be in turmoil.

They might not be able to help the way they feel and their sense of rage may be next to impossible to contain.

Patience is a virtue?

Try not to get drawn into an argument or let your own anger get the better of you. This is will not be easy. But doing your best not to let their mood affect everyone in the household can go a long way to maintaining harmony.

It doesn’t meant you have to tolerate outright abuse or continual and never-ending insolence. But, how you address their behaviour will to some extent determine their response and attitude.

It’s OK to be angry

Anger is a normal, healthy emotion. Being angry is not a bad thing, but it’s important for your son or daughter to learn how to manage it. When we don’t manage anger well it can be a problem.

Encourage your son or daughter to express their sense of anger in a constructive way, or to find ways of helping them manage their feelings. It can help them in that moment, but also build good habits for managing later on in life.

Tips for managing anger:

  • leave the room/situation
  • go somewhere quiet and get some time out
  • write down what’s wrong and then tear it up and throw it away
  • play music or a video game
  • count to 100 slowly, ten might not be quite long enough.

Be clear

Try to be calm, clear and assertive when addressing your son/daughter in relation to issues which may be causing friction.

Good communication skills can help to diffuse a situation. Show you’re actively listening, but if you disagree with something try to explain why.

A parent in need

Don’t forget that despite appearances your son/daughter most likely still need you for emotional support.

Whatever age they are, struggling with their own sense of independence while still needing support is completely normal.

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