John Murray discusses his depression

RTE radio 1 presenter John Murray in studioRTÉ radio 1 presenter John Murray has discussed his experience with depression after six months away from the airways.

His own experience

“Depression took a fancy to me and decided to take up residence for a few months” he said, adding though, that “boy did it make its presence felt”.

On his return to the radio he was discussing it with some humour, but that wasn’t taking away from the fact his experience was a struggle.

What’s in a day?

Describing his days as “something to endure rather than enjoy”, Murray that mornings were particularly difficult.

It’s not your fault

He was only talking about his own experience with depression, so didn’t want to discuss what others should and shouldn’t do. But, he did say that if you’re experiencing depression or anxiety, you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself.


“You haven’t failed a life test.” he said. “Share your thoughts and feelings with others – don’t suffer in silence”.

If you or someone you know is suffering with mental health issues, don’t be afraid to talk.


John thanked listeners, his wife, family and friends for their support and love. Their concern made things a little easier for him.

If you think your son or daughter, or someone you know is suffering from depression, don’t be afraid to think about ways of offering support. Even if it doesn’t help immediately, they’ll appreciate that you’re thinking of them, “I know I did” John said.

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