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Insights Report 2014

We run a user survey on each year to find out a little more about our users and their help-seeking behaviour. 

2014insightsNKsmOur Insights Report 2014 is our fourth research and evaluation report based on user survey data.

Along with the user survey findings is analysis of the comments, questions and queries we receive through the site, which are continuously increasing.

Moderation of comments

Relationships, money worries, bullying and  loneliness these are the issues that emerge time and again through comments on

Every single comment to our site is reviewed and responded to by a member of our moderating team. As each comment is unique, time is taken to ensure the most supportive response is given to each and every person who gets in touch with us.

What the report tells us

The majority of respondents report an openness to mental health, as indicated by the 97% in agreement with the statement “anyone can experience a mental health problem”.

Furthermore, over half of our survey respondents have previously spoken to a health professional about a mental health difficulty.

This tells us that visitors to are engaging with a range of supports. Therefore, support services can best meet people’s needs by working together.

By working together and integrating approaches to support, we can change the way mental health support is delivered with an increased emphasis on primary prevention and early intervention.

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