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Repeating the Leaving Cert

It may be the last thing in the world you want to do but in some cases it’s the best option. 

If you feel you didn’t do yourself justice, if exceptional circumstances interrupted your study or exams, or if you narrowly missed out on getting the points for a particular course and feel like you could improve with another try, repeating could be an option for you.


bookshelf - ThomasYou can often repeat your Leaving Cert at your old school. Talk with the principal to see if this is a possibility. Alternatively, there are schools and colleges around Ireland, who advertise specialist repeat Leaving Certificate Courses. have a list of private colleges, schools and third level colleges who offer these courses. Be mindful though, that some can charge high fees for their courses.

Subject choices

Enrollment and advice for your subject choices normally take place from the beginning of August to mid-September each year, depending on the college. You don’t have to choose the same subjects again, you can try new subjects if you like. Choosing to study new subjects may make your year that bit tougher though. If you passed English, Irish and Maths, you can choose not to take these subjects again.  You could also choose to study just one subject, for instance if you failed a subject or didn’t do particularly well in one subject.

Decisions, decisions…

Choosing to re-sit your Leaving Cert is a difficult decision to make. Take your time and work out what you think is best. Talk to family, friends and maybe even a former teacher to hear their thoughts. It can be a tough year, but if it gets you where you want to be, then it might be a year well spent!

This article was last reviewed on 03 August 2018

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