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Getting your results – the emotional stuff

No matter how cool you are, the onset of the Leaving Cert results can really knock you for six.

Exam pressure

After all pressure of the exams, even if you didn’t study or weren’t that bothered, it’s hard not to feel nervous in the couple of days before the results.

Friends, getting resultsIf you did study and have high expectations, the wait can be pretty over-whelming, understandably so.

In the days before the results, try to stay busy and have fun. Whatever happens you’ll be able to deal with it, and have loads of options.

Opening the envelope

You can get your results in school or online. Do whatever you feels most comfortable. The good thing about going to school is being surrounded by friends who are in the same boat. That said, this option is definitely not for everyone, and you might prefer to be at home.

It can help to go somewhere quiet for the actual opening, or to stick your headphones on, or hold onto your mates – whatever works.

There might be things you’re disappointed by, but that’s OK. You might also be pleasantly surprised.

Points count

When it comes to adding up your points, take your time! It can be easy to lose all counting skills with all the tension, so work it out on a calculator or get someone else to double check.

If you’ve nearly missed what you wanted, don’t worry yet. You don’t know what the points might be this year. There’s always the CAO Second Round offers too, so avoid counting your chickens before they’ve hatched.

Everyone’s reactions

If you’re delighted with your results (woo! go you!), it’s only natural to want to shout it from the rooftops. Do be aware, your friends mightn’t all be so happy.

While it can hard to know what to say, especially when you’ve done well, just try to look out for them. Make sure they know you’re there if needed.

If you notice someone’s missing from a celebratory night out, give them a bit of time. Then check-in, making sure they’re doing OK.

If you don’t do so well

If you’re not so happy, dealing with everyone else can be tough. There’ll be people around asking you how you did and parents to deal with too. It’s totally understandable to feel a bit irritated.

Try to keep cool and have a bit of patience with them. They’re not trying to rub it in. Find a way to get the tension out.

Go for a run, take some time on your own or talk to your friends, have a bit of a shout in your room, whatever helps.

Managing how you feel

Remember they’re your results and how you react to them is up to you. It might not feel like it right now, but you really do have loads of options. This is just a bit of a hurdle, you’re well capable of jumping.

Like a lot of things in life, it’s about how to get back up when you fall. Having a look at coping with exam results for some good tips. Whatever happens, whether you’re over the moon or down in the dumps, you’re going to be fine.

If you find you’re getting stressed out and worry about your results is starting to get to you, talk to someone about it – there are loads of people there to help. Check out the benefits of talking to someone.

This article was last reviewed on 07 August 2018

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