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Telling someone big news

If you have big news, or something important has happened in your life, it can sometimes be hard to tell your friends and family.

eye looking through roll of newspaperIf it’s something you think they might have strong feelings about, you can worry that it’ll upset them.

You might feel embarrassed or overwhelmed. It’s important to let the people you trust know what’s happening and give them the chance to support you.

Telling people about big decisions or changes in your life can make you feel anxious sometimes, but chances are, you’ll feel a big sense of relief if you get the news off your chest.

People might not always react the way you’d like them to straight away. Letting them know, you’re giving them the chance to be there for you.

Having support

There are people you can talk to before you break the news to your friends and family.

Talking to a counsellor, youth worker or a GP can help you prepare to tell others.

When to tell

Timing is important when telling someone big news. Choose a time when people are relaxed.

Avoid telling people during an argument. Don’t use your news as a weapon to hurt someone.

If you tell someone your news when they’re already upset, their reaction will be affected by how they’re feeling and might be worse than it would have been otherwise.

Know the facts

Make sure you understand your own situation as much as possible before telling your news. Speak to a professional if you need information and be prepared to answer questions from your friends and family.

Listen to your feelings

If you’re confused about your own situation, allow yourself time before telling people. A counsellor can help you sort through your feelings and work out your needs for the future.

Check face to face help for more.

Coping with reactions

The people you tell might be confused, hurt or even angry. If people react badly it might be because they need time to think. When they’re ready, they might want to ask questions and tell you how they feel.

This article was last reviewed on 03 May 2017

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