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Worried about a friend’s depression?

If you’re worried about a friend that has experienced a stressful event, or is grieving, their feelings of sadness might last for a while.

Black and white image of a glacier and rock faceFor some people, those feelings can be difficult to shake off.

How do I recognise if someone is depressed?

It’s normal for someone to feel down or sad at diffferent times during their life. The term “depression” is sometimes used to describe feelings of sadness.

Depression is also the name for a group of mental health problems, which affect the way someone feels and are characterised by a persistent low mood.

When someone is depressed they can feel a range of things including:

  • Feeling hopeless or helpless
  • Losing interest in activities they usually enjoy
  • A lack of energy
  • Changes in sleeping and eating patterns
  • Crying a lot or feeling agitated
  • High use of alcohol or other drugs
  • Losing their temper
  • Withdrawing from the group
  • Headaches or stomach aches
  • Feeling empty
  • Feeling anxious.

Understanding depression

Sometimes people become depressed in response to a particular situation or sometimes it can occur for no apparent reason.

Things that can trigger depression include:

People experiencing depression can sometimes have suicidal thoughts. If your friend expresses feelings like this, encourage them to seek help. If they’re reluctant to seek help, you should then turn to someone for advice and support in managing the situation.

A family member, teacher, doctor or psychologist may be a good first step. Check face-to-face help for information about who they can talk to and how.

If your friend continues to have suicidal thoughts make sure they know if you think they will hurt themselves you will have to tell someone. If they’re scared about telling someone else, you can offer to go with them for support.

Services like Aware are also there to help people who are worried about their friends or family members. Don’t hesitate to talk to someone if you feel you need to.

Getting help for depression

There are a lots of things your friend can do to manage their depression. Remember, this may take time and there may be good days and not so good ones.

For details and information about the ways of dealing with depression, take a look at management and treatment options.

For information and advice on getting support and who to talk to, go to face-to-face help.

This article was last reviewed on 28 July 2017

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