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Managing a comedown

People usually take recreational drugs for the instant effects on their mind and body, but they can have effects long after the initial feelings have gone. 

A person's shadowYou can never tell if a comedown will be short and painless or a longer lasting unpleasant experience.

What is a comedown?

This is the period of time after taking a drug when the body is trying to process the substances taken is called a comedown.

How long and difficult a comedown is depends on a number of different factors including, the type of drug, the age, sex and tolerance of the person who took it.

Each drug has its own unique after effects. There are differences between stimulants and depressants.

But still, there are similarities between many drugs, such as periods of feeling flat, sad, depressed and physically exhausted.

People experiencing comedowns might feel:

  • Shaky
  • Headaches
  • Nauseous
  • Low energy
  • Sleep a lot or be unable to sleep
  • Loss of appetite.

How can you manage a comedown

Avoid the comedown

Sorry, sounds preachy but the only way to not have a comedown is to not do any recreational drugs.
Don’t turn to other drugs. Some people turn to depressants to ease the comedown but it’s important to remember that mixing drugs is never a good idea and is potentially very dangerous.

Create distractions for yourself 

Feeling crap, sadness of depressed are common after effects of many drugs.

Create a distraction for yourself by hanging out with friends, exercising or watching funny movies until you feel you’re

Don’t try to chase the feeling

It may be tempting to take more drugs to chase the positive feeling you had before, but it’s important to resist as it will only become harder to feel happy naturally after continued drug use.

Keep hydrated and eat well

A common side effect of many drugs is decreased appetite, so it’s important that you make up for any lost nutrients and minerals once the initial effects of the drug have worn off.

Take it easy

You may not want to get out of bed or off the couch. If this is the case avoid high-stress environments. Let your body have the rest it needs.

If this feeling of not wanting to move doesn’t pass after a while, there might be something else going on. Read feeling crap for more.

This article was last reviewed on 03 May 2017

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