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Health and Wellbeing: SPHE 2

SPHE 2Health and Wellbeing: SPHE 2 continues the series and features new and age-appropriate information on cyberbullying, online safety, mental health, mindfulness, resilience and relaxation.

Strand 1: Who Am I?

Unit 1: Self-Management 1 – Making a New Start

Unfold – Video

Unit 1: Self-Management 2 – Looking Ahead!

Setting goals

Problem solving

Making big decisions – Blog

Unit 1: Self-Management 3 – Learning How to Study

Hints for effective Studying

The art of not procrastinating

Unit 1 : Self-Management 4 – Being Safe

Staying safe online

Protecting yourself online


Unit 2: How I see Myself and Others


A little gratitude can go a long way – Blog

Unit 3: Being an Adolescent

Your sexuality is your business – Personal story

Is it wrong to have two fathers? – personal story

Strand 2: Minding Myself and Others

Unit 1: Being healthy

Body image


What is an eating disorder?

Body image and mental health – Blog

6 reasons volunteering is good for you – Blog

Unit 2: Substance Use

Managing peer pressure to drink



Worried about someones drug use

Unit 3: Respectful Communication

Styles of communication

Body language

Effective communication in a relationship

Resolving differences

7 ways to communicate effectively with a friend – Blog

How to listen and be open minded

Unit 4: Anti-Bullying


If someone you know is being bullied

What to do if you are being bullied


Strand 3: Team Up

Unit 1: Having a Friend and Being a Friend

What is friendship

What makes a good friend?

Managing your friendships

Unit 2: The Relationship Spectrum

Meeting new people

Starting a relationship

Ending a relationship

Unit 3: Sexuality, Gender identity and Sexual health

Consent and sex

Looking after yourself while pregnant

Sex and gender

I think I might be gay

I think I might be bisexual

I think I might be a lesbian

Telling people you’re gay, bisexual, lesbian or transgender

Unit 4: Media Influences on Relationships and Sexuality

The edge of 17 – Blog

Taylor Swift talks of encouragement

50 shades of Valentine – Blog

Leo Varadkar open about being gay – Blog

Life idol? – Blog

Fake #goals, not real life and social media

Strand 4: My Mental Health

Unit 1: Positive Mental Health


Unit 2: Mental Health and Mental Ill-Health

What is mental health?

Understanding mental health problems

Supporting someone with a mental health problem

Myths and truths about depression

Unit 3: Dealing with Tough Times

Benefits of talking to someone

Who do I talk to?

Benefits of exercise

Sleeping problems

9 ways to look after your mental health- Blog

Unit 4: Loss and Bereavement

When someone dies

Grief when a stranger dies

Suggestions for managing grief

Helping a friend after someone dies

When parents break up

Helping a friend whose parents are getting divorced

When a parent has a terminal illness

The aftermath of loosing a father – Personal Story


What can I do now?

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