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Health and Wellbeing: SPHE 1

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Health and Wellbeing: SPHE 1 is written specifically for the new Junior Cycle. It comprehensively covers the SPHE short course specification and is in line with the new Junior Cycle Wellbeing guidelines and the Framework for Junior Cycle.

It includes topics such as mental health, mindfulness, relaxation techniques and stress management. has partnered with The Educational Company of Ireland to align fact sheets, personal stories, animations and more to specific strands and units of the Health and Wellbeing: SPHE 1 student textbook. Click on any of the links below to discover even more information about health and wellbeing.

Strand 1: Who Am I?

Unit 1: How I See Myself and Others


Meeting new people 

Unit 2: Self-Management

Time management

Effective study tips  —VIDEO

Online safety

Unit 3: Being an Adolescent


Problem solving – ANIMATION

Strand 2: Minding Myself and Others

Unit 1: Being Healthy


What is mental health?

Benefits of exercise

10 tips for a good night’s sleep

Unit 2: Substance Use

Alcohol — selection of articles

Alcohol and mental health – BLOG


Unit 3: Respectful Communication

How to listen and be open-minded

Safe body language

What is friendship?

Effective communication with your friend

Effective communication skills

Strand 3: Team Up

Unit 1: Having a Friend and Being a Friend

Support of friends – PERSONAL STORY

Units 2 and 3: Sexuality, Gender Identity and Sexual Health

Sex and gender

Why do I feel attracted to people of the same sex?

Your sexuality is your business – PERSONAL STORY

Strand 4: My Mental Health

Unit 1: Positive Mental Health

What is mental health?

How heavy is this glass? – ANIMATION

Tips for mental fitness

Who do I talk to? – selection of articles

Unit 2: Dealing with Tough Times


Relaxation exercises – AUDIO (DOWNLOAD)



Understanding mental health problems

Unit 3: Change and Loss



Working on your mental fitness – BLOG

What can I do now?

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