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Good Practice Guide

ReachOut Ireland has been funded by the Health Service Executive’s National Office for Suicide Prevention to develop good practice guidelines for the safe delivery of online mental health information and support.

guidesThe following questions have been explored:

  • What online services already exist in an Irish context?
  • What examples of good practice can we showcase and learn from, both in Ireland and internationally?
  • What relevant guidelines and policies exist that we can build on and adapt as appropriate?

The guidelines have been informed by the Technology and Mental Health Network (TMHN), which ReachOut Ireland convenes.

What do the guidelines cover?

A survey of Technology and Mental Health Network members was conducted in 2013. The members of this network are profiled in the guide.

That survey was conducted to explore existing service models, examine the use of social media platforms, determine examples of good practice and conduct a needs assessment around good practice guidelines.

While the survey was initiated in 2013, late responses were invited and incorporated into the results.

Different service provision areas

This guide covers the area of service provision online by providing a suggested service typology and exploring each ‘type’.

Where relevant and appropriate service types are explained using case studies.

The areas of services provision are broken into:

  • Information
  • Support
  • Therapy.

Each area is open to interpretation and they overlap significantly, but in broad terms, each can be identified as requiring distinct and focused guidelines to ensure the public receives safe and effective services.

This guide also covers the use of social networking sites which are used for a range of purposes by mental health organisations ranging from brand awareness to service delivery.

>>Downloads Good Practice Guide (2 MB .pdf)

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