Helping you get through tough times

Getting stronger with support

Hi my name is Sophie. I am twenty years of age and I have suffered with depression since I was 15 years-old.

nuts and boltsI have been through care, I have lost parents, witnessed alcohol abuse, found my dad and much more.

Not living life

Depression has stopped me from falling in love, trusting, seeing the brighter side of life. It has stopped me from living. I am only now admitting I have depression I am only now finding help and helping others.

My message to anyone suffering from depression, you are not alone. You are beautiful, you should enjoy your life.

You should be the person those voices are telling you not to be! You can reach out anyone if you need support

Getting stronger

People may judge, call you an attention seeker but if you are lucky like me and find someone who loves you and sees your pain, life will get easier.

You will get stronger trust me!!

What can I do now?

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