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This documentary style short discusses topics around mental health such as stigma and how to get through tough times.

Whatstigma by James Keating was highly commended in’s Inspire a Generation film competition 2012.

Whatstigma transcript:

Pippa Woolnough – Communications Officer – Amnesty International: I think, and this is probably a personal view, that it comes sort of from fear and ignorance, there’s been a misunderstanding of mental health problems that has been catagorised over the years and there’s a fear of it.

Micheline Egan – Director of Communications -Headstrong: As you’re growing up, and people around you tell you “Keep that quiet.”,  “Don’t discuss that openly.”, “It could impact on your job prospects.”

Kathleen lynch – Minster Responsible for Mental Health: People who are in employment still will not disclose that they have an issue of poor mental health, or emotional un-wellness for fear of being discriminated against.

Tom Murphy -Director I guess people are afraid of that, and families don’t want to talk about it because it’s somehow some sort of slight on the family name. “Oh they’ve got a son mental health problems.” or “A daughter who has issues or suffers with her nerves.” Shut up, it’s all sixties Ireland crap.

Pippa Woolnough – Communications Officer – Amnesty International: All of us actually have mental health and it’s not  something to be afraid of. If you might experience more difficulties than someone else and it also doesn’t mean you have it for life. And it’s all those type of conversations that we need to have that we’re not having. And I think it’s the silence that is creating all the problems with the prejudice and the discriminating and it’s just allowed to keep going.

Tom Murphy – Director If you’re not mindful of this stuff, then we are going to run into a massive, massive problem. Three times as many people committed suicide last year as died on the roads.

Jane Arigho – Meadia Project Coordinator- Headline: If you think you don’t no somebody that has been affected, it’s just that you haven’t had that conversation. These are subjects that affect absolutely everybody in this country.

Pippa Woolnough – Communications Officer – Amnesty International: People with mental health problems are living among us and, you know, it could be me or you tomorrow and we need to learn from that, and need to not be afraid of mental health anymore.

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