Helping you get through tough times

Andrew Morley

Andrew Morley speaks about getting through times from ReachOut Ireland on Vimeo.

Andrew Morley

We met Andrew Morley (aka Spencer from Home and Away) and asked him about why he’s involved with and how he gets through times.

Andrew Morley transcript

Hey guys my name is Andrew I play Spencer on Home and Away, I got involved with ReachOut the last six months actually because it is the hub of it all.

It’s got all the information there and so much information, facts and steps to guide you through, what you’re going through and what we all go through, what we have been through basically.

So when I’m going through a tough time I make sure I at least talk to someone close to me whether it be a friend, someone who can trust, someone who respects you whether it be a family member or someone at school or even a dog and it’s just that time to think and take a step outside the box a bit of fresh air and know that there is definitely life outside of your problems.

What can I do now?

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