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Visiting your GP

Visiting your GP

Visiting your GP

What to expect when you’re visiting your GP about mental health for the first time.

Transcription of visiting your GP video:

A lot of times we say, if you’re worried about your mental health – go and talk to your GP. But what’s it really like?

People talk to their GP for many different reasons and this is what to expect during your first visit to a GP:

First, find a GP online or in a directory, or you can just make an appointment with your regular GP. Remember, you can always request a male or female doctor if you have a preference.

Next, when you visit the clinic remember to bring some cash. If you have an insurance or medical card bring that as well. When you arrive, just tell the receptionist your name and your appointment time – you don’t have to say why you’re there.

Then, it’s the always fun waiting game, expect loads of bulletin board postings, a few pamphlets or check out the old magazines – think Hello!, National Geographic – or you can pass the time by counting the number of celebrity couples that have broken up since the magazine was published.

Finally, when you’re called, you’ll talk to the doctor privately. When you do, remember, you’re the customer and you should feel listened to.

Some tips from a real life doctor:

  • When you come you should feel confident, comfortable and happy that you’ve told the whole story. That you’ve explained the purpose of your visit and that you’re not intimidated or afraid to say anything.
  • Have a clear idea of what you’re up to next, you could be going to see somebody else, another doctor, a counsellor, or some services in the area, or maybe you’re taking some medication. Have a clear idea of what the plan is.
  • If you’re not happy, there’re other options. There’s lots of GPs around, you could see a colleague in the same practice, or you could go to a different GP.


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