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There is a whole range of online support services where you can go to find information or get help on issues that might be affecting you. is one, but there’s a list of others below that offer different types of help.

Keyboard and mouse - Inspire Ireland While online help is not for everyone and not for every issue, it can be really useful, especially as a first step.

Online help ranges from:

  • basic information
  • contact details for face to face services
  • online forums and discussion groups
  • email advice on different problems and issues
  • self-guided problem solving online counselling.

Available online services – provides a range of support services online including a live chat service between 6 and 10pm daily. – offers drug and alcohol information and support including a ‘live helper ‘service that lets you chat to a staff member online.

Bodywhys – offers online support for eating disorder issues, including an online group counselling service.

Samaritans Ireland – provides emotional support for people in crisis and you can now email or log on to Samaritans Ireland.

Aware – provides a range of support for people over the age of 18 years-old, experiencing depression, including support groups and a private email support service, – an encrypted service, with responses within 24 hours (7 days a week). – offers a range of services including confidential online or phone counselling and an online directory. – provides a three tiered approach to supporting mental wellbeing: self-help, peer support and professional support, through online counselling, for people over 18 years-old.

This isn’t a full list of services, but they deal with a wide range of issues. As new services come on board and online counselling services are further developed, we’ll feature them here.

If you’re unsure about the quality or safety of an online support service just email the details to us and we will check it out for you –

This article was last reviewed on 04 December 2018

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