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If your friend has taken pills or hurt themselves

Coloured pillsCall an ambulance if someone has seriously hurt themselves or taken tablets. They need to go to the Accident and Emergency section of your nearest hospital, so stay with them until help arrives.

Getting help

For an ambulance, dial 999 or 112 if you live in Ireland (this number can work from mobiles even without a signal and when the phone is locked).

If you live outside Ireland, look in your local phone book for the emergency services number. Calling an ambulance if your friend has taken an illegal substance does not mean the Gardai will be involved – their main concern will be to make sure your friend is OK.

If they have taken a substance, no matter what they took, get help now. It’s not always obvious at first what damage it may be doing to them and they need to get to hospital right away. Get them to A&E immediately. If a friend has cut themselves call the emergency services straight away.

Managing your reaction

It can be frightening if a friend tries to harm themselves. Talking to someone you trust may help you to manage how you are feeling. Talk to a friend or family member or a counsellor so you can work through your emotions.

Understanding why someone would want to try and hurt themselves may can be difficult. Read deliberate self-harm for more.

This article was last reviewed on 03 May 2017

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