Helping you get through tough times

Youth Network are calling for young people to use their passions to make a difference!

We’re currently opening the Youth Network to people 16-25 years-old who want to be involved to help create a positive change in Ireland.Jon mills resized1

What’s it all about?

We believe everyone goes through tough times, and anyone can experience a mental health problem.

From issues like break ups to worrying about a friend, is dedicated to helping young people through these tough times.

Being part of the Youth Network means you’ll be joining hundreds of young people to promote positive mental health in your school, college and local community.

What does the network do?

Spray paint resized -2Network members are involved in everything does, from designing our marketing campaigns to developing new content.

Some ways members get involved are:

  • Creating online content such as blogs, stories, photographs and videos
  • Promoting at events all around the country
  • Fundraising for in your school, college or local community
  • Building and contributing to a healthy, helpful online community.
  • If you want to get involved and have skills we should know about, let us know!

Network events

We have informal drop-ins each month. This gives members a chance to connect and share ideas.

Eoin resized 3 (1)There are opportunities for informal and formal training throughout the year, from online mental health training to face-to-face media workshops. hosts its own events like the Speakeasy and Technology for Wellbeing Conference,¬†which wouldn’t be possible without the involvement of our volunteers.

There are opportunities to represent at events like festivals and conferences. These events can be really fun and a great way to get the word out about

How do I sign up

If you’re between 16 and 25 years-old and want to get involved, just mail us¬†


What can I do now?

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