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Research – Insights report 2013

Insights Report 2013

The Insights Report 2013 presents the findings from the 2013 user survey and commentary analysis, as well as an overview of the service model and approach to mental health.

User survey

The user survey explores demographics of site visitors, help-seeking knowledge, preferences and behaviours as well as attitudes to mental health. The third annual user survey was conducted over an eight week period between January and March 2013.

Commentary analysis

The commentary analysis involved a quantitative and qualitative review of all comments submitted to The 2012/2013 analysis included all commentary, excluding spam, submitted to the website within the 12 month period from July 2012 to June 2013.

To read more about how and why we do this research and to learn about our findings, please download the Insights Report 2013 .pdf (1.25 MB)



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