Helping you get through tough times in your school in your school

Wouldn’t it be great if every young person in Ireland knew about

Why not spread the word and promote in your school?

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Putting up posters and leaflets in your school is easy, but can make a huge impact. Put up posters in bathrooms, the cafeteria or even in the hallways.

The more people that see the posters the better so don’t be shy. Offices and waiting spaces are a good place to leave a few leaflets.

Order these by emailing the name and address of your school and how many you would like to relayRelay pic resised

Staying active is good for your mental health. Promote physical activity, positive mental health and team work in your school by organising a relay for

You and your friends, class or even your whole school can can get involved. If everyone runs a little bit you could easily complete a marathon distance between you. This can be a great way of raising money for, getting friends and family to sponsor your run.


On screen

See if can be the screen saver on the computers in your school computer lab. Everyone who uses the computers will be able to see in action and know it’s there for them, when they need it.

Non-uniform day

Every one loves non-uniform days. Organise one in your school to raise money for Every penny will go to helping young people through tough times. Take some pictures on the day, send them to us and we can give your school a shout out! Contact

In the classroom has articles. personal stories and lots of great videos on a range of topics from bullying to mental health. These could be useful to your class so make sure you have a look around the site.

Bake or shakeSmnoothie pic. resised

Mmmm, cake. It’s important to treat yourself from time-to-time so why not get your class or a group of friends together to organise a bake sale or make delicious fruit smoothies for a healthier option to raise money for

The money raised will go directly to helping young people get through tough times. Let us know your plans and we can give your school a public thank you on Facebook. Get in touch


What can I do now?

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