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Note to self

“Note to Self” is an initiative of to promote its service. Note to Self has been developed as a positive, affirming exercise that people can participate in voluntarily.

What do I do?

At events where Note to Self is available you can write a positive message to yourself on a Note to Self postcard. will then stamp and mail the postcard to you to receive at a future date.

Remember, this is a positive, life-affirming, helpful exercise intended to have a positive impact on your future self’s mental health. ‘Note to Self’ is for everyone.

Keep it positive!

“Note to Self” is only for your benefit, so keep it positive. No offensive Note to Self postcards will be posted. does not intend to record, store or share your message with anyone, except the future you!

In the event that a postcard contains information that is considered offensive, or information that suggests an individual, or any third party, might be in danger or otherwise at risk, will report that information to the relevant statutory authorities.

Similarly, any information contained on Note to Self postcards that relate to illegal or criminal activity or is deemed to be offensive will be reported to the relevant authority.

Note to Self in action

See Note to Self in action at the Cycle Against suicide Student Leaders’ Congress in January 2014.

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What can I do now?

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