Helping you get through tough times

Fundraise for is an online service that helps young people through tough times.

Help us reach young people

By providing quality mental health information, personal stories, blogs, videos and an ‘ask the expert’ feature online, we’re reaching young people in a way that is relevant to them.

Getting involved and helping to raise funds for will help support young people through any tough time they may face.

How your money is spent is committed to:

    • Providing quality-assured mental health information that’s written in an everyday and accessible language
      – to ensure everyone can understand what they or a friend might be going through and how to get further help if needed.
    • Creating a strong evidence-base through research
      – to understand the best ways to help young people using technology.
    • Promoting in communities across the country
      – so every young person will know where to get help and support if they are going through a tough time.
    • Developing innovative mental health promotion and support services through technology
      – so that young people can get through tough times .

Get involved

If you’d like to organise your own fundraising event, or take on your own fundraising challenge, for then just get in touch with your idea.

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Anyone can fundraise for and there are plenty of different events you can get involved in, depending on how much time you want to give and what your interests are.

Get in touch with us. Get involved!

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