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A number of people have contributed and continue to contribute to

All those who contribute the development of content for are covered by Creative Commons License. We at continue to work and develop quality mental health information with the Psychological Counsellors in Third level Colleges in Ireland (PCHEI).

Terms of use

Guidelines for content provision were developed by the editorial team, made up of members of the PCHEI, and Leonard Douglas.

Please read these guidelines for the Terms of Use that highlight all submissions of text, images and works to are working with the understanding that the peer reviewed materials are intended in good faith for free access by our students for educational/personal use only.

With this is mind, a further Disclaimer section will be included. This will explain that work will be refreshed only by the original authors to facilitate updates in line with research/new information. This will enable the maintenance of the boundaries of the individual disciplines as well as protect, as far as is reasonably possible, the integrity of the original work/ownership by the individual organisations and serve to prevent any future derogatory use.

Creative Commons License

“The Creative Commons copyright licenses and tools forge a balance inside the traditional “all rights reserved” setting that copyright law creates. Our tools give everyone from individual creators to large companies and institutions a simple, standardized way to grant copyright permissions to their creative work. The combination of our tools and our users is a vast and growing digital commons, a pool of content that can be copied, distributed, edited, remixed, and built upon, all within the boundaries of copyright law’ (Creative Commons 2013).”

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