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SmileForMe Campaign

smile for me campaign logoThis week we spoke to Leanne Coyle about SmileForMe. A positive mental health campaign that she set up to raise awareness about mental health. 

In January of 2018 Leanne, a photographer from Cavan decided she wanted to use her skills to raise awareness about mental health. Having battled with an eating disorder for the majority of her teenage life, Leanne decided to take hold of her mental illness and use her experience for the good and benefit of others.

About the Campaign

Through the art of photography, SmileForMe has started a nationwide conversation about mental health and the importance of a positive outlook on life. Taking influence from Humans Of New York, SmileForMe takes pictures of people smiling. Underneath their picture they share their own experience with mental health, advice they may have for others or even just a happy thought for the day.

People smiling

Social media for good

Everybody goes through tough times but we often don’t see that side of people through the lens of social media. It can present such a perfect picture that simply isn’t realistic and can be a huge stressor for all of us.
Through the SmileForMe  campaign we can use our voice to help and strengthen not only ourselves, but the rest of the Irish population by using social media in a positive way.

Great response

SmileForMe has been featured on RTE, TV3, multiple radio stations and newspapers across Ireland. It has taken a more hands on approach and is travelling around Ireland giving talks and presentations to students, educating them on the importance of positive mental health.
Eoin McCluskey, the Armagh footballer, has now joined the SmileForMe team and is giving talks and presentations around Ireland to football and sports clubs, discussing his own history and battle with mental illness.

Get Involved

If you know someone that would like to smile for us or someone who would like to share their story, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

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