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Makeover your morning routine

grassesWaking up is how everyone starts their day but the little things we do immediately after can have a huge impact on how we feel for the rest of our day.

It can be so tempting to pull the covers over your head and hit snooze but this can lead to feeling more tired and cranky for the day. Having a routine and some structure can really help us feel more motivated and productive in the morning time.

Here are some tips that may help you start your day as you mean to continue it.

1. Splash your face with some water

This will be sure to make you feel fully awake minutes after you’ve woken, maybe even wash your face while you’re at it so you feel fresh and clean.

2. Let the natural light in

Before dozing off, open you’re blind even a small bit so the natural light wakes you in the morning and when the alarm does go off it’s not such a shock to the system.

3.Morning Pages

I found this one in a book called the Artists Way which I highly recommend but the basic idea is to write every morning during the stage when your brain is still a little fuzzy and just write for as long as you feel like, this will make you feel more focused and clear the cobwebs from your head.

4. Meditate

I am all about the meditation and as mentioned before Headspace is a great app for this one. It gives you a sense of focus and control for the day ahead. Giving yourself some time to be present is great especially in the morning before you start your day.

5. Gratitude

Take a moment to say aloud or write down a few things you’re grateful for (at least 3). No matter how small they are, feeling comfy in your cosy bed, looking forward to a hot shower or breakfast – it will have a positive impact on your day.

6. Breakfast

Eating breakfast is the most important thing you can do in the morning, it’s something that I’m not great at but I’m putting an effort into enforcing it into my routine. For anyone out there who struggles to eat in the morning you are not alone but join me in making it a priority.

7. Stretching/ yoga

As soon as your mind wakes up, wake up your body. You’d be amazed at how good it can feel. We automatically yawn and stretch first thing in the morning but take it that step further and stretch all your limbs out.

As I said, I struggle with being positive in the mornings and am the furthest thing from a morning person but I’m setting a challenge for myself to make that change and I invite you to joining me.

This blog was written for by our Youth Editorial Board member Clodagh O’Sullivan.

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